Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chicken fajitas with white lime cilantro rice

Making fajitas is by far my favorite dish! 

If you have the time let the fajita meat marinate for several hours. 
I have also made this dish after work, and only let it marinate for less than 30 minutes & it still tastes great. 

I mostly use chicken but you can also use beef. 

My standard fajita recipe: *Note this is the spicy version! 

4 servings 

2-3 chicken breasts
* I use frozen chicken breasts. If I'm short on time, than I defrost the chicken in the microwave until it is thawed. If I'm making this before work, then I place the frozen chicken in the bag to marinate. 
1 small white or red onion thinly sliced depending on your choice. 
2 peppers thinly sliced depending on your choice: Red, yellow, orange, or green. 
All of them work great together. 
2-3 T Soy sauce
1-2 T Worcestershire sauce
1-2 t of Hot sauce (Examples include Valentina or Tabasco)
1 T refrigerated minced garlic 
1 t Cumin 
1 t Red peppers flakes 
1 t chili power 

* For extra variation you could add jalapènos and/or poblano peppers. *

I add all the ingredients into a gallon bag to let them marinate. Minimum 30 minutes or longer depending on time.  

Grilling the fajitas: 

I usually place foil on the grill first, & then place the chicken breasts on the foil. Then I place the veggies in a basket & grill everything until cooked. Flip the chicken once & stir the veggies several times. Usually 10-15 minutes. The chicken is cooked when it is no longer pink. Let the chicken rest a few minutes before slicing the chicken into strips. 

Cooking the fajitas on the Stove: 
You can use one skillet. Spray the skillet with a non-stick cooking spray. Place the chicken in the middle & place the veggies around the chicken. Cook the chicken until no longer pink. Again, let the chicken rest a few minutes before slicing the chicken into strips. 

I use whole wheat tortillas & You can top the fajitas with anything!

Here are some ideas: salsa, shredded cheese, queso cheese, diced tomatoes, diced avocado, mexican rice, lime cilantro rice, refined beans, black beans, corn salsa, green tomatillo salsa, green onions, and a dollop of daisy! 

**Sour cream will be referred to as: a dollop of daisy. 

The lime cilantro rice recipe will be coming soon.... It wasn't good the first time around... I need to work on that recipe. 


Dana Rae 

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